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16th October 2021, at 11 UTC

Dear Lucky Lion pride members,

After months of preparation we have launched our iGaming today (16th of October) at 11 UTC!

There’s no need for registration, simply connect your wallet and play! That easy.

Soft-Launch: Oct-16 to Oct-30, 2021 will be our testing period…

Lucky Lion is honored to be the first Drip Bar LatteSwap partner!

LatteSwap users stake $LATTE to earn $LUCKY rewards.

NFT Reward

Launching October 14, 2021 at 10 AM GMT.

Lucky Lion has teamed up with Alpaca Finance, one of the world’s biggest and most renowned DeFi. In fact, the 1st leveraged yield farming protocol on Binance Smart Chain.

The Prologue: Alien Invasion Play-To-Win First-Person-Shooter.

Games Showcase: Start Guardians 1/5.

An unknown lifeform has been detected on Spaceship Victoria. An emergency distress signal has been set out. The alien invasion has just begun.

Put Your Crypto To Work & Earn

Lucky Lion is a GameFi built on Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to play iGaming…

Simplest method- If in doubt, just follow the links from our official website:

As expected, your neighborhood scammers are out in force, creating fake telegram, twitter, website and admin groups to contact unsuspecting investors. They are quite clever, using the same branding, similar @ and fake admins.

Firstly, our…

You can now find us on CoinGecko as well as PancakeSwap.

Our Yield Farming APR is high, and we have some exciting news upcoming shortly.

Additionally, we launched our bug bounty with Immunefi! October is shaping up to be a great month.

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Dear Lucky Lion Pride Members,

We have a highly anticipated announcement for the pride today.

The security of Lucky Lion’s infrastructure and systems is of the highest importance for us. Despite our significant scrutiny and audits, there is still a possibility that vulnerabilities existing.

That’s why our team has chosen to launch a Bounty Program to identify bugs and vulnerabilities in the protocol infrastructure and smart contracts. Help us make the system invulnerable and we will reward you for helping us.

For the program’s details, please visit Lucky Lion page on Immunefi website here.​


Lucky Lion has officially been listed on CoinMarket Cap:

This comes days ahead of our official partnership reveal with a Top 5 DeFI (announcement on Oct-7), and ahead of our iGaming launch on Oct-16, allowing users to stake $LUCKY in our Yield Farms, and use $LUCKY to play iGaming, that has a 96% — 98% win rate.

We’ll be launching our revenue sharing pool in November, allowing farmers and players to stake their $LUCKY in order to receive a share of revenue from the revenue sharing pool.

Get $LUCKY and Stake today:

Industry first iGaming first-person shooter.

It’s a whole new type of gaming experience for iGamers. Claiming an industry first, Star Guardians is a third-person shooter — giving players manual control of their character.

Star Guardians features a special forces team as they battle against mutated insects called Tritons. …

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Lion’s love poultry.

When Lucky Lion had less than 40 members we ran a small competition to boost our Telegram following. We’d like to thank those that participated and announce the winners that have completed all the steps. Please note this is not the Referral Campaign or The Fair Launch Promotion.

Each winner gets 100 x $LUCKY deposited in their respective wallets. The 19 winners are (Twitter @ handles):

The transaction receipt is here:

We shall showcase the additional rewards shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Lucky Lion Official

Lucky Lion aims to become the leading decentralized Yield Farming & provably fair iGaming protocol built on BSC giving back 9% through Revenue Sharing.

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