Crypto Cowboy, Anonymous or Doxxed. Why are many big DeFi projects choosing to stay anonymous?

To reveal or not to reveal, that is the question.

As many of you know, depending on the region, cryptocurrency generally conjures up debate in mainstream circles, mainly out of fear, or misunderstanding of the ground breaking technology, and it’s application.

This fear underpins government lobby groups, and the result is a legal twilight zone, such as the SEC bullying Coinbase, and Mark Cuban stepping in it’s defence.

Crypto lobby groups are taking baby steps in changing archaic mindsets, and we’re slowly seeing institutions and governments opening their arms to the community — though be it’s still a long way off from becoming widely accepted in mainstream circles.

For this very reason, most DeFi users don’t trust the traditional banking system (2021 user survey by Binance), and they opt for an alternative in cryptocurrency.

So why are so many cryptocurrency and DeFi projects anonymous?

We cannot speak for them, but for Lucky Lion there’s a few reasons.

A smaller part is the fact that members of our dev team have an NDA with a gaming x animation studio, based in two key locations, in Europe and Asia.

A larger part is this anonymity allows us to work freely in providing the best experience for our users in order to cope with rules and regulations regarding the purchase, sale and handling of cryptocurrencies around the world.

We fully understand we’re dealing with users finances, as such we strive every effort to ensure a balanced mix of security, transparency and fairness with any means we can.

- We’ve completed one audit with inspex, and are conducting additional ones with industry leading accreditors.

- We’re partnering with titans in the crypto industry, believing their faith in us, is a testament to our brand and team.

- We’re finalising details for bug bounties and more.

Due to an embargo we cannot reveal these partners just yet (we can hint), though rest be assured, we’re very excited!

We’ll be kicking it off with a no drama lama friend, who is part of the animal kingdom, but not the same, with a TVL of ~ $1.4b.

There’s more coming up, including one, those of you with a sweet tooth would love (hint hint, wink wink). When they allow us, we’ll shout it, nay roar out of excitement.

Furthermore, we’re organising a AMA which will be released to the community this week.

Please stay tuned for more details.

As always, we thank you for being a member of the Lucky Lion pride.

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