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Recently, I had the honour to represent Lucky Lion in an AMA session with LatteSwap on 11/10/2021 12.00 UTC

I’d like to share with you the recap of the session, so that you can stay up to date with all of our latest developments and progress.

Please find the recap of the session below:

Q1. First of all, could you please give a brief introduction of yourself and the team behind the project?

Hi everyone, Thank you for having us and giving us the opportunity to present Lucky Lion.

My name is Majestic Lion or you can call me MJ . I’m from a FinTech background, with work spanning across Europe, North America and Asia. I got into crypto around 2014 after a colleague introduced me to Bitcoin.

I’m so grateful to have a brilliant and dedicated team of around 20 experts, including Electro-Lion, CEO and head of product with countless years of experience in FinTech, as well as running a successful iGaming business since 2016, which has accumulated over 200,000 active users. We also have Winged Lion, who has been deeply involved in blockchain for a number of years as well as our CTO who has been a senior blockchain developer for well over six years.

Q2. Many members of our community are excited about your project! Could you please explain what your protocol does? What problem does it aim to solve and why do you think you have a competitive edge over other players in the market?

Well, our protocol allows gamers and investors to stake their LUCKY or BUSD in one of our two yield farming liquidity pools, LUCKY and LUCKY-BUSD to earn additional LUCKY.

They can then use their LUCKY tokens to play our ranges of games, or stake directly in the revenue sharing pool where they can earn up to 9% of the platforms revenue weekly.

Our iGaming section features dozens of games to choose from, including a first-person-shooter which was an industry first where players win jackpots and loots in tokens. Jackpots can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To ensure full transparency and fairness, the games we feature are protected by provably fair play, meaning players can check the fairness of each round by following simple on-screen instructions. As a result, our games have a win rate between 95% — 98%, also known as Return to Player or RTP for short.

Our key competitive advantage that sets us apart from others is that we have accumulated over five years of iGaming user data, thus we understand the iGaming user behaviour and trends. To capitalise on this, we’ll be running regular campaigns and promotions to keep our existing user-base engaged, while we are constantly acquiring new users. To top it off, little time investment is needed to earn, and users retain the flexibility of choice such as invest, play-to-win/earn or both.

Another cool feature of Lucky Lion is that we can easily add new game titles, vendors and even produce our own collections in the long-run, making Lucky Lion extremely versatile and quick to capitalise on developing gaming trends.

Furthermore, we’re launching collectible NFTs to inventive loyal players. There will be a leader board, the top positions will unlock exclusive gaming NFTs. Later, these NFTs will have the utility to grant special perks such as extra deposit credits.

Q3. It is interesting to see that you’ve named your protocol Lucky Lion — could you share with us the inspiration behind that name and for choosing the lion as your mascot?

The reason we used Lion as our name is because Lions are referred to as Kings. They’re amazing, beautiful, and powerful creatures nestled at the top of the animal kingdom. We loved that Lions are fiercely loyal creatures, and protectors of their communities- their “pride”.

Both Western and Eastern philosophy share a similar view on Lions. Without a doubt, those living or travelling throughout many countries in Asia would have seen Lucky Lions guarding the entrances to homes and business, particularly financial institutions.

Thus, why we see Lucky Lion as not only the bringer of wealth and prosperity, but also the protector of his community, a brilliant ethos for our cute space Lion mascot.

Naturally, our Lucky Lion isn’t as fierce as his wild counterparts. He understands that luck plays an equally important part in life as does planning, thus Lucky Lion’s LUCKY token depicts a five-leave clover, just to add a little bit of magic and luck to the day.

Q4. When did the project launch? Can you share with us some of your recent milestones or accomplishments?

Lucky Lion was fair launched on the 18th of September, 2021, launching both our token and yield farming liquidity pools.

It has been an intense few weeks culminating into our partnership with LatteSwap. So certainly, LatteSwap is one of our accomplishments we’re proud to mention hahaha.

In addition to our accomplishment, we have achieved;

- Being listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

- Being listed on Nomics

- Conducting our bug bounty with Immunefi

- Completing our audits with Certik, PeckShield, TechRate and Inspex

- Launching our first series of collectable NFTs — which your Baristas can also claim in celebration of our partnership with LatteSwap

- Launching our Thai and Turkish communities (more to come!)

- Announcing our partnership with Alpaca Finance starting from 14th of October 2021.

Furthermore, you can see on our roadmap as well as history log:

Q5. Could you please share with us your roadmap? Would be great if you can tell us what you have planned in both the short term and the long term?

Sure, we have many exciting features coming up this year and early next year 2022!

Most notably, our iGaming launches this weekend, on the 16th of October! We will also be releasing more gaming titles and adding vendors each month to ensure our users remain engaged.

Around three weeks after, we’re launching our Lucky Lion revenue sharing pool (November), where up to 9% of Lucky Lion’s iGaming revenue is shared in the LUCKY-BUSD LP for investors to stake in.

We’re also planning another major DeFi partnership to finish the year off strong which will be around December.

We will be Launching across major exchanges as well. Additionally, we’re expanding our NFT collectables series to coincide with game releases, and launching our leaderboard that will let players earn or purchase NFTs

Along with our planned roadmap, we’ll be launching utility NFTs around Q1 of 2022, which will grant special iGaming perks such as extra deposit or exclusive competitions etc. This will allow us to launch gaming-specific partnerships to cross-universes (imagine an Axie or Mobox Lucky Lion character with special perks that can also grant unique bonuses in Lucky Lion). Our referral / affiliate programs for iGaming, rewarding those that share our brand, and bring new users into play.

And we’re also considering going into producing our own gaming series in the long-run, but this is in early development, and will be looking for additional partners to help.

Q6. Security is a very important topic and is usually of the community’s interest. Is your protocol safe for the community to participate in? What are some of the security measures you’ve taken to protect users from any security related risks? Are your contract open-sourced? Have you received any audit reports?

Absolutely, we spare no expense here to ensure we do everything possible to keep Lucky Lion secure!

We have been audited by four separate auditors, which are Certik, PeckShield, TechRate and Inspex.

We’re running an active bug bounty with Immunefi

There is a comprehensive list of reports on our whitepaper covering our audits including Lucky Token Smart Contracts, Yield Farming Smart Contracts and Revenue Sharing Smart Contracts:

In addition, We’ll make sure that there will be more audits as we release more major features. We also have an outsourced penetration team, who will help us conduct penetration test prior to any major releases.

All contracts are under a 7-day timelock. There is only one person who’s the ownership on the timelock contract:

The MasterChef contract is defined by a time lock with the sole owner of the timelock (this project is not co-owned by a third party).

By process, we have now made a shield to cover MasterChef so the owner can’t use functions that affect investors such as migrator, transfer lucky ownership and harvest lock-up.

This shield is public on gitbook but not deployed yet as it’s waiting for an audit completion, ownership MasterChef will be transferred to shield and timelock will take over the shield again (owner->timelock->shield->MasterChef)

This means that even if there is only one owner, all MasterChef functions that can be set will not affect the investor’s capital, such as setting mint/blocks that are reduced monthly based on tokenomics, or changing dev address wallets. Once the owner has made an adjustment, the values ​​are announced by the community and executed after a 7 day delay.

Q7. Can you walk us through your tokenomics? Does it have a maximum supply can? What are some of the utilities of your tokens and why should anyone buy/hold them?

There is a maximum supply of 100,000,000 $LUCKY tokens, with emission vested over a two-year period.

66% will be distributed to Fair Launch Tokens, 20% for Ecosystem, 9% for Dev Fund and 5% for Warchest

Fair Launch:

As a fair launch project, we didn’t have a pre-sale, instead 1%, 1,000,000 LUCKY Token were used for seeding Lucky Lion’s LUCKY-BUSD pool. 1,000,000 $LUCKY — 30,000 $BUSD were burnt (transaction address is in our whitepaper)

During our Yield Farm launch, 65% of our total supply was distributed to all users depositing in Yield Farming LP Pools with only 9% of the tokens vesting to the team over a two-year period. Over this time, LUCKY Tokens are going to be released with a decaying emissions schedule (details in our tokenomics section of our whitepaper).


Allocation of 20 million tokens reserved for managing the ecosystem and integrating with other protocol. The ecosystem includes the Initial liquidity for partnerships, Referral Program, Play to Earn and iGaming Prize Fund. 7,000,000 of these tokens are used for Initial liquidity for partnerships, Referral Program and Play to Earn. 1,000,000 of these tokens are used for the initial iGaming prize fund. To avoid diluting the token and a price dump, we’ve also implemented a further restriction for the rest. No more than 500,000 tokens can be withdrawn each month, with the only exception being if there is prior approval from a community vote.

Development Fund:

The platform will not exist if we don’t have the funds to support the team and hence 9% of the distributed tokens will go towards funding development and team expansion. This fund has a two year vesting period to ensure that the team is here long term.


There is an allocation of 5 million tokens reserved for future strategic expenses. These include listing fees, audits, third-party services, etc. To avoid diluting the token, we’ve also implemented a restriction here. No more than 200,000 tokens can be withdrawn each month, with the only exception being if there is prior approval from a community vote.

Why should you buy and hold $LUCKY?

Well, our token is extremely versatile and is aimed at both investors as well as gamers.

We have many reasons why you should buy and hold LUCKY;

1) First of all, It’s used for yield farming (currently high APR LUCKY and LUCKY-BUSD LPs).

2) It can also be used as credit for iGaming — Play to win jackpots and lesser prizes every day. Be featured on the leaderboard to unlock awesome collectable NTFs.

3) You can stake it in our platform revenue sharing pool (LUCKY-BUSD), earning up to 9% revenue share that’s distributed weekly

4) Also, you can use LUCKY to purchase our NFTs from marketplaces

5) And this is more on the nose, but the main reason to buy LUCKY is that we see it as acquiring shares, and owning part of a license iGaming provider:

The industry is growing, expected to reach $127Bn by 2027. Thanks to transparency and fairness algorithms such as provably, as well as Covid having driven gamers online, more and more institutions and regulators are warming to iGaming, and it has become more widely accepted. We can see more opportunities here, especially in North and Latin America, not to mention Asia. Plus coming up soon, the football world cup in 2022 is expected to further boost short-term gains.

Q8. If the community would like to participate and support your project, how can they do so?

Yes, we open our paws to all your lovely Baristas out there to join our blooming community, regardless whether you’re into gaming or investing.

Go out there, buy and hold LUCKY. Try our games, and certainly stake in our yield farms and revenue sharing pools. And naturally, being the first DripBar partner, we call on the community to make this the biggest LatteSwap partnership!

Help spread the word, help grow the community by joining us on Telegram, and Twitter, as well as inviting your friends and partners to invest. And certainly, do keep an eye on the affiliate and referral program.

If you’d like to partner with us, or help us open more regional communities, reach out to us via:

The simplest way to get $LUCKY tokens is by buying it through pancakeswap. You can stake on our farms, participate in LatteSwap, play our iGaming and naturally stake in our revenue sharing pool to earn up to 9% revenue each week.

Q9. What are some of the ways we can stay up to date with your projects? Can you provide us with links to your social channels?

The best way to stay up to date with Lucky Lion is to join one of our official Telegram groups. Here is the list of our official groups:

Telegram Announcements:

Telegram Community (English):

Telegram Community (Thai):

Telegram Community (Turkish):

You can also follow us on;



Or simply use the links via our website:

On top of this, we’re always looking to expand our regional telegram communities (Chinese, Brazilian etc.), so if you’d like to join the mod team feel free to reach out to me directly on Telegram; @mj_lion

Q10. Is there any exciting news that you’d like to share with our community?

As mentioned, a little earlier, please get LUCKY, let’s shoot for the moon and stay there. Lucky Lion Devs are invested in generating long-term growth. Support our platform, and join us for our iGaming launch this coming Saturday, the 16th of October 2021.

Lucky Lion aims to become the leading decentralized Yield Farming & provably fair iGaming protocol built on BSC giving back 9% through Revenue Sharing.