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Recently, I had the honour to represent Lucky Lion in an AMA session with…Dopple Defi Ecosystem on 16/12/2021 13:00 UTC

I’d like to share with you the recap of the session, so that you can stay up to date with all of our latest developments and progression.

Please find the recap of the session below:

Q1.What’s the idea behind the name Lucky Lion? Could you give a little bit more detail about the lucky lion team? What topics does Lucky Lion primarily focus on ?

First of all I would like to thank you for hosting Luck Lion and giving this amazing opportunity. I’m Jelly Lion or JL . I’m a business development manager at Lucky Lion. My background is 10 years in business development BFSI and 3 years in iGaming business.

We loved that Lion’s are considered fiercely loyal animals, and protectors of their communities, looking after their “community” known as a pride.We further thought that the symbolic meaning behind Lions, represents the perfect ethos for our protocol.

I’m sure anyone living or travelling throughout Asia would have seen Lucky Lion statues outside of banks, businesses and even homes. They are seen as the creators, and guardians of wealth, and success.

In life, as in investing, luck is one of the key ingredients in success, among many others. Hence, Lucky Lion’s Lucky Token, a gold coin with a five leaf lucky clover.So, in conclusion we chose a Lion as our mascot and named him Lucky Lion, as the bringer of wealth, property and protector of our protocol’s community.

Lucky Lion has a team of 20, mainly blockchain devs, including our CEO Electro Lion, with countless years in FinTech and the iGaming space, operating an iGaming business with over 200,000 monthly active users since 2016.

Additionally, we have Majestic Lion, our marketing lead who has background stems from FinTech, working across Asia, Europe and North America, and got into the crypto scene around 2014, and of course our blockchain dev guru and CTO, Shaman Lion, where most of our blockchain wisdom comes from.

Our primary focus in FinTech and the iGaming area , Our protocol allows gamers and investors to stake their LUCKY or BUSD in one of our two yield farming liquidity pools, LUCKY and LUCKY-BUSD thereby earning additional LUCKY.

Their LUCKY tokens can then be used to play our ranges of games, or staked directly in the revenue sharing pool, earning up to 9% of the platform revenue weekly.

The iGaming section features 100’s of games to choose from, including a first-person-shooter (an industry first), where players win jackpots and loots in tokens. Jackpots can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. To ensure full transparency and fairness, the games we feature are protected by provably fair play, meaning players can check the fairness of each round by following simple on-screen instructions. As a result, our games have a win rate between 95% — 98%, also known as Return To Player or RTP for short.

Since Our key competitive advantage is we have accumulated over five years of iGaming user data, thus we understand the iGaming user behavior and trends. To capitalise on this, we’ll be running regular campaigns and promotions thus keeping the existing user-base engaged, whilst constantly acquiring new users. To top it off, little time investment is needed to earn, and users retain the flexibility of choice: invest, play-to-win/earn or both.

Another cool feature of Lucky Lion is that we can easily add new game titles, vendors and even produce our own collections in the long-run, making Lucky Lion extremely versatile, and quick to capitalize on developing gaming trends.

Furthermore, we’re launching collectible NFTs to invent loyal players. There will be a leaderboard, and the top positions will unlock exclusive gaming NFTs. Later, these NFTs will have utility granting special perks such as extra deposit credits.

Q2. There’re a lot of Gamefi projects out there right now. What makes Lucky Lion unique and stand out?

Both iGaming and GameFi are crowded markets, and will continue to grow.

The demand is massive and it is only growing, so there is plenty for everyone involved. The base for taking market share is understanding your target consumer behaviour well. We have operated an online casino since 2016. Though it was fiat based, classic games, featured no transparency features or audits, we still built the business to produce an annual turnover over $1.8Bn USD in a single operating market. It’s a gradual process, unaffected by crypto fluctuations.

As such our aim is to acquire several mutually dependant groups, For gamers we curate games, ensuring high quality games, that feature provably fair play, offer NFT collectables and utility. For investors, we enable them to grow with our business.

We have many innovative games from EvoPlay including a very exclusive Star Guardian game (only 3 online casinos in the world currently have this game). In addition to Revenue Sharing Pool and NFT utility features. These kinds of games and features differentiate ourself from other online casinos and GameFi.

Q3. The Gambilng game is quite important in term of integrity mechanism. How can we trust the system is fair game?

Our games use “Provably Fair Play” Which is an algorithm that enables players to analyze and verify the fairness of our games, ensuring greater transparency.

- It allows players to analyze their bets and actions and compare them with the outcomes, providing full transparency.

- Probably fair iGaming sites typically have a higher Return to Player (RTP).

Hence we clearly understand the importance of integrity in gambling games. We seriously make sure fair games with RNG mechanisms .

Random Number Generators (RNG) are mathematical systems that produce random numbers.

RNG is a defining factor in many modern games. They’re the reason why items in Mario Kart are different each time, why you meet unique Pokemon, and why you randomly find super rare items in Diablo. Some procedurally-generated games, like The Binding of Issac or Minecraft, wouldn’t even be possible without RNG.

With RNG, statistical randomness ensures that all cards and die numbers, slot game symbols, jackpot triggers, rare items etc. are mathematically random and unpredictable, therefore giving the player confidence that the game is not rigged. An RNG that operates properly gives players confidence in the gaming system and prevents unwarranted complaints.


Currently, our games are using the RNG has the following licenses & certifications:

· RNG (Random Number Generator) audited by eCOGRA

· Gaming Labs Certified

· Antillephone License Validation

Q.4 Can you give 3 killer features of your project over the competitors? What are the Competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?

First feature Our NFTs: Our artwork is unique, and high quality, plus we feature iGaming industry first utility NFTs that will launch shortly. Additionally, users can earn NFTs via our leaderboard system.

Second is Gaming: We feature a rotating list of games protected by provably fair play. We release games quickly, and are able to integrate with multiple vendors including ESPORTS providers if enough support is generated. Also, we’ll be featuring the first play to earn First Person Shooter as soon as released by our iGaming vendor.

Third is the Revenue sharing pool — This pool is directly link to the platform’s revenue meaning you can own part of the iGaming industries growing market share.

Our speed-to-market and flexibility is our key advantage that lets us ride the wave of trends.

Q5.How does the Lucky Lion ecosystem work? What is your tokenomics?

Lucky Lion ecosystem uses the token that we name Lucky Token in our tokenomics system . Which are split in 3 pillars Yield Farming, iGaiming, Revenue Sharing pool

For the Lucky Lion Tokennomics:

There is a max supply of 100,000,000 $LUCKY tokens.

Emissions are vested over a two-year period. For full details please read:

66% of these are Fair Launch Tokens (no pre-sale)

20% Ecosystem (Partnerships, Referral Program, Initial Prize Pool etc)

9% Dev Fund (Vested over a two-year period)

5% Warchest (listing fees, audits, third-party services etc)

Quoting from our tokenomics below:


As a fair launch project, we didn’t have a pre-sale, instead 1%, 1,000,000 LUCKY Token were used for seeding Lucky Lion’s LUCKY-BUSD pool. 1,000,000 $LUCKY — 30,000 $BUSD were burnt (transaction address is in our whitepaper)

During our Yield Farm launch, 65% of our total supply was distributed to all users depositing in Yield Farming LP Pools with only 9% of the tokens vesting to the team over a two-year period. Over this time, LUCKY Tokens are going to be released with a decaying emissions schedule (details in our tokenomics section of our whitepaper).


Allocation of 20 million tokens reserved for managing the ecosystem and integrating with other protocols. The ecosystem includes the Initial liquidity for partnerships, Referral Program, Play to Earn and iGaming Prize Fund. 7,000,000 of these tokens are used for Initial liquidity for partnerships, Referral Program and Play to Earn. 1,000,000 of these tokens are used for the initial iGaming prize fund. To avoid diluting the token and a price dump, we’ve also implemented a further restriction for the rest. No more than 500,000 tokens can be withdrawn each month, with the only exception being if there is prior approval from a community vote.


The platform will not exist if we don’t have the funds to support the team and hence 9% of the distributed tokens will go towards funding development and team expansion. This fund has a two year vesting period to ensure that the team is here long term.


There is an allocation of 5 million tokens reserved for future strategic expenses. These include listing fees, audits, third-party services, etc. To avoid diluting the token , we’ve also implemented

a restriction here. No more than 200,000 tokens can be withdrawn each month, with the only exception being if there is prior approval from a community vote.

Lastly, I’d like to highlight that outside of the regular DeFi sphere, we welcome everyone in your community to get involved in Lucky Lion and in fact we reward them for doing so through our Referral Program.

Earn passive income, simply by sharing your link with family and friends across social media. Each time they play, you earn up to 10%. If you’re an influencer with a large following, or own a website that generates lots of traffic, then you are eligible for our custom affiliate program, offering far greater rewards.

To learn more and start earning today, simply visit

Win Crypto rewards by playing the fastest growing #I-Gaming, Lucky Lion

We ready open to play game with your KUSD

SECTION 2 — Live AMA Questions.

Q1. Do you have a tutorial on how to play on the Lucky Lion platform?

Yes , Do have tutorial link on how to play provide step by step guide line . Please follow link below.

Q2. How important is the COMMUNITY to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Of course the community is very important to us. We have got many feedback from the community. And we apply it to our work whether it’s marketing or NFT or even new products that are still confidential.

All community feedback are lot of value for us to provide best quality product and service to serve the right to the customer.

Q3. In the future, is there any possibility to have more game types or other categories?

We have many casino base games which will be launched every week, whether VDO slot base, Instant games and many more. We also plan to add more partner or game provider in the near future.

Q4. The Lucky lion has a friend referral system as well Can you explain?

This system we just launched yesterday. Just refer friends, and earn each time your friends play! Join the Lucky Lion referral program to receive passive income for each player that follows your link. Referral bonuses are credited automatically for bets made by your referrals across all of our Lucky Lion games. The more you refer, the higher your income.

Q5. If holding NFT, what privileges will I get?

For now some limited NFT special for collectible but in near future we will release Utility NFT provide for using in our games.

as also some previous limited NFT may apply as Utility NFT



Lucky Lion Official

Lucky Lion aims to become the leading decentralized Yield Farming & provably fair iGaming protocol built on BSC giving back 9% through Revenue Sharing.