Recently, I had the honour to represent Lucky Lion in an AMA session with

JDI on 19/10/202 12.00 UTC

I’d like to share with you the recap of the session, so that you can stay up to date with all of our latest developments and progress.

Please find the recap of the session below:

First of all, could you please give a brief introduction of yourself and the team behind the project?

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here and we are grateful to you for providing us the opportunity to present Lucky Lion.

I am named Majestic Lion but you can also call me MJ. Financial technology is my domain and I have worked across Europe, Asia, and North America. In 2014, my friend introduced me to Bitcoin which attracts me a lot and I got invested in crypto.

There are 20 members in Lucky lion including me as a CEO. I have also spent numerous years in the FinTech and iGaming space with a focus on working on the iGaming business with almost 200k users on a monthly basis since 2016. Moreover, our Winged Lion has been focused on blockchain, and importantly, our vital data regarding blockchain came from our CTO and dev guru “Shaman Lion”.

Q1. Explain mores about your project. What problem does it solve? And what are your competitive advantages?

We have two yield farming liquidity pools named “LUCKY” and “LUCKY-BUSD” in which gamers and investors can stake their BUSD through our protocols to earn additional LUCKY.

These additionally earned LUCKY can be used for playing various varieties of our games, or stake in the revenue sharing pool with an advantage of earning 9% of revenue on a weekly basis.

There is a great variety of games in our iGaming section such as a first-person shooter centered on guns and other weapons which allows the players to win jackpots and tokens. The amazing thing is that these jackpots are hundreds to thousands worth of dollars.

All the games played in our iGaming ensures fairness and transparency as these are protected by provably fair play which allows every player to check fairness by following all the instructions provided on screen. This technique helps us to maintain the win rate of 95% to 98%. This is also termed as Return to Player (RTP).

Our main competitive advantage is our understanding of the behavior and trends of iGaming users that differentiate us from other gaming arenas. We gain this position by collecting the iGaming user’s data for five years. To keep this at stake, we are mainly focused on promotions and campaigns on a regular basis aiming to keep our users involved while attracting new users. To beat others, little time investment is a must so users keep the choice flexibility such as play-to-win, play-to-earn, invest, or both.

Lucky Lion is also blessed enough to add advanced game titles, vendors and to develop its own collection that works in the long term. Such features make the Lucky Lion adaptable and sharp-witted to capitalize on producing advanced gaming standards.

Besides these, Lucky Lion is launching collectible NFTs for inventing loyal players. This collection will feature a leader board that will allow the top players to unlock advanced gaming NFTs which will provide main perks including extra deposits credits

Q2. Kindly give us more detail about your project. When did it launch? What is your roadmap? And what are your recent milestones and achievements?

On 18th September 2021, the fair of Lucky Lion was launched in which LUCKY token and Yield Farms were introduced without any offer of pre-sale.

We have achieved a lot under this platform. Our recent achievement is our partnership with JDI. Some other milestones are:

- Being Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

- Being the first-ever Drip Bar partner of LatteSwap (launched on 12th of October 2021)

- Our partnership with Alpaca Finance starts on the 14th of October.

- Starting our bug bounty with Immunefi

- Introducing our collectible NFTs such as a Pre-Grazing Range collection

- Starting local telegram communities

- Doing smart contract audits with four auditors including Certik.

You can also check all our milestones at:

Q3. Let’s discuss security. Is your protocol safe for users? Is your contract audited?

It is an important topic to discuss. Yes, we are mainly focused on our security terms. So, all the main releases are scrutinized by the top auditors of the industry.

Our comprehensive smart contract, on-going smart contract audits, and reports are present in this link attached:

Till now, Lucky Lion has been scrutinized by four different auditors named PeckShield, TechRate, Inspex, and Certik.

Moreover, we are also managing a bug bounty with Immunefi. So, we are hopeful to receive more audits with main releases. All the releases underwent penetration tests via our outsourced penetration testing team.

We make all the contracts under a timelock of seven days. At the time, there was one person with the timelock contract ownership. We also have covered our MasterChef with a shield aiming to protect our investor from any harmful function from the owner side such as migration, transfer ownership, and harvest lock-up

What does this mean?

It elucidates that shield is in the public mode in gitbook but not fully formed as it is in the stage of audit completion. The process goes like that: the ownership MasterChef will be given to shield and it will be acquired by timelock. This process is represented as (owner->timelock->shield->MasterChef).

It clearly showed that all MasterChef functions will not affect the investor’s capital even in the case of one owner. For example, locating blocks that are minimized on a monthly basis in tokenomics or swapping dev address wallets. After the adjustments made by the owner, the community declares the values which are implemented after seven days.

Q.4 Kindly highlight more on your tokenomics. What is the utility of your token? Why should investors invest in your token?

A maximum range of 100,000,000 $LUCKY tokens are supplied with invested outflow of over 2 years.

All the details are present here:

Fair Launch Tokens are 66% (no pre-sale)20% Ecosystem (Partnerships, Referral Program, Initial Prize Pool etc)

9% Dev Fund (Vested over a two-year period)

5% Warchest (listing fees, audits, third-party services etc)

Quoting from our tokenomics below:


This project is completely launched on fair purpose without any pre-sale. Alternatively, seeding Lucky Lion’s LUCKY-BUSD pool used 1% of 1,000,000 LUCKY Token. Whereas, 1,000,000 $LUCKY — 30,000 $BUSD were burnt (transaction address is in our whitepaper).

We have distributed 65% of the total supply to our users during Yield Farm Launch that was deposited in the Yield Farming LP Pools having 9% of the token given to the team over a period of two years. During this period, the LUCKY Tokens will be released with a declining emissions schedule (details are present in the tokenomics section of our whitepaper).


20 million tokens are allocated to manage the ecosystem and merge it with other standards. The starting liquidity for partnerships, Referral Program, Play to Earn and iGaming Prize Fund is included in the ecosystem which has used 7,000,000 of these tokens whereas the initial iGaming prize fund has used 1,000,000 of these tokens. Various limitations have been implemented for avoiding reduction on price dump and token. And one can withdraw up to 500,000 tokens each month if he has previous approval acquired through a community vote.

Development Fund:

This platform will not enhance further without proper funding. So, 9% of distributed tokens will be allocated for team expansion and further funding development. To keep the team for the long term, this fund has been given a vesting period of two years.


Five million tokens are allocated for bearing the expenses of future strategies such as listing fees, audits, third-party services, etc. We have also applied some restrictions here aiming to avoid dilution in tokens. One can withdraw up to 200,000 tokens each month if he has previous approval acquired through a community vote.

Q.5 Can you provide a Luck Lion social media link, so that we can stay up-to-date with your project?

You can stay up-to-date with all the happenings of Lucky Lion by joining our official Telegram groups;

Telegram Community (English):

Telegram Community (Thai):

Chanel to follow us on



Or simply use the links via our website:

We are also focused on expanding our regional telegram communities (Chinese, Brazilian, etc.), so, if you are interested to join our mod team, feel free to contact me on Telegram; @mj_lion

SECTION 2 — Live AMA Questions.

Q.1 Do you have any plan for a community ambassador program to reward more users and create a local community channel for those users who are weak in English?

We don’t have an ambassador program in Lucky Lion, but we are planning to use a referral program and affiliate program that will motivate the users to earn more by introducing new users to Lucky Lion.

Micro-blogging will be a great platform for users to have their websites and groups. Through this, users will have access to raw files and media which they can confine accordingly. Moreover, we will hire the locals in each domain such as Vietnam.

Q.2 Can you list 3 killer features of your project that make it ahead of competitors? What are the Competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?

NFTs are the first feature. Our artwork speaks volumes. We also work in the iGaming industry that will shortly launch its NFTs. Moreover, users can earn it through our leaderboard system.

Gaming is our second feature. We present a variety of games that are protected by fair play. Lucky Lion also has merged with various vendors such as ESPORTS for generating enough sports. Lastly, we will feature the first play to earn First Person Shooter immediately as our iGaming vendors release it.

Revenue sharing pool is our third feature. Through this revenue pool, you can own shares of the iGaming industry growing market.

Our flexibility and speed-to-market are the main factors that make us unique among others.


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