Lucky Lion aims to become the leading decentralized yield farming and provably fair gaming protocol built on BSC giving back up to 9% through revenue sharing.

Lucky Lion DeFI Yield Farming on the moon

Lucky Lion, is the latest addition to our portfolio of APAC’s leading iGaming brands with over 200,000 loyal monthly active users, allowing players to yield their tokens on our decentralized yield farms, stake their rewards in our revenue sharing LP and enjoy our play-to-earn GameFi experience.

Lucky Lion is a fair launch project, with no pre-sale and no investors. Our next-generation iGaming is underpinned by the transparency of Provably Fair Play, and allows users to earn additional $LUCKY regardless of win or loss, giving users three paths to generating profit!

Lions represent strength and courage, and reside at the very top of the animal kingdom. They are fiercely loyal creatures that share everything with their pride. In Eastern philosophy, Lucky Lions are seen as guardians of wealth, homes and businesses. To us, that represents our entire ethos.

Established since 2016, we firmly believe that our foothold and knowledge of APAC’s iGaming industry is the quintessential fuel that will power our DeFi rocket right past the moon!

Our motivation behind launching Lucky Lion

Lucky Lion is seeking to decentralize the growing iGaming industry, projected to earn over $127 Billion USD by 2027, by establishing a DeFi protocol enabling the Binance Smart Chain community to participate in the expansion through yield farming, GameFi and revenue sharing.

We are looking to solve two problems with a single DeFi application:

  1. Transparency and Fairness: iGaming has seen a dramatic explosion in growth, however the industry has historically been plagued by a lack of transparency, community participation and fairness. This leaves players and investors — those that essentially fuel the boom, at the mercy of platform owners and hidden algorithms with questionable practices.
  2. Present-Day Utility: Dapp and DeFi are notoriously fuelled by speculation, mostly in future utility of coins and the real-world applications of the technology. Studies, including recent research by Binance conducted with over 67,000 users, underpinned a desire for more relevant everyday usages for DeFi.

Lucky Lion will change all this.

  1. User Governance: Lucky Lion allows users to actively participate and vote on the direction of the application and it’s feature.
  2. Provably Fair Play: Lucky Lion gives players full transparency and fairness using the Provably Fair Play algorithm, allowing them to verify the results each time they play. This allows the return to player percentage to be as high as 96%-98%.
  3. Play and Earn Today: Our application is designed to give back to our users, through our revenue sharing model, as well as allowing them to maximise their liquidity through valuable yield farming pools and iGaming. These core features will be available to all in 2021.

Our protocol

As a user, there are three major ways to participate in Lucky Lion:

  • Yield Farmer: As a farmer, you can earn a higher yield by opening a position on Lucky Lion, LUCKY — BUSD LP.
  • iGamer: As a player, you get access to RPG-style and action adventure fair-play games for a chance to win. Every 1,000 $LUCKY turnover will earn you an additional 1 $LUCKY. Return to player is as high as 96% — 98%. Play with either $LUCKY or stablecoins.
  • Revenue Share Contributor: Up to 9% of the iGaming platform’s weekly revenue is added to the LUCKY-BUSD LP allowing users to stake $LUCKY for additional rewards.

At launch, 1,000,000 $LUCKY (Lucky Tokens = $LUCKY) are used for seeding Lucky Lion’s LUCKY-BUSD pool. 1,000,000 $LUCKY = $30,000 USD worth of BUSD at fair launch.

Below is an example how our ecosystem works:

  1. Fair Launch $LUCKY launching 18 September 2021 at 12PM UTC
  2. Swap for $LUCKY via PancakeSwap
  3. Stake your $LUCKY in our yield farm to get rewarded
  4. Use your $LUCKY or stablecoins as credit to play games and win rewards
  5. Stake in our revenue sharing pool by staking in LUCKY-BUSD LP
  6. You’re free to trade your tokens whenever you like and exchange back to Fiat from your favourite exchange

Tokenomics & Distribution

Lucky Lion is a community-led fair launch project with no private sale, no pre-sale and no investor. The contracts will go live on 18 September at 12PM UTC, allowing users to buy $LUCKY on PancakeSwap.

We will launch our service in sequences to ensure the smoothest experience for our users.

Phase 1: Fair Launch & Yield Farming

  • We have seeded PancakeSwap LUCKY —BUSD so people can start acquiring $LUCKY right away.
  • Yield Farming will commence with two liquidity pools, LUCKY and LUCKY-BUSD LP.
  • Click to buy $LUCKY (Coming Soon)

Phase 2: GameFi

  • iGaming will launch in Q4 2021 allowing users to play to earn, as well as additional bonus rewards such as earning an additional $LUCKY for each 1,000 $LUCKY turnover.
  • Two new next-gen games will be released each month.
  • Games utilize probability fair algorithms, RNG and have been audited independently with a return to player rage of 96% — 98%.

Phase 4: Revenue Sharing

  • Revenue sharing LP will launch in Q4 2021, thus completing our service loop.

Our yield farming commences on 18 September 2021 at 12PM UTC.

66% of our total supply will be distributed to all $LUCKY holders with only 9% of the tokens vesting to the team over a two-year period. Over this time, $LUCKY are going to be released with a decaying emissions schedule. In total, there will be 100 million $LUCKY. To incentivize early adopters, there will be a special multiplier bonus rewards period. Please see chart below for details.

Below is the planned block reward schedule, hence, the first 24 months circulating supply of $LUCKY can be shown as follows:

Please note that the inflation rate drops off dramatically after the initial period.

LUCKY-LION Token Usage

Community members owning 1,000+ $LUCKY gets 1 vote, allowing them to decide on key decisions.

LUCKY-LION tokens are a fundamental part of current and future initiatives providing protocol utility. Shortly after launching yield farming, we will proceed to launch iGaming, followed by revenue sharing.

Additionally, we’re planning an NFT integration that will offer benefits relating to various aspects of yield farming, iGaming and more.


Lukinomics, $LUCKY token distribution
Lukinomics, $LUCKY token distribution

66% of our total supply will be distributed to all $LUCKY holders. Over this time, $LUCKY are going to be released with a decaying emissions schedule.

In total, there will be 100 million $LUCKY.

The platform will not exist if we don’t have the funds to support the team and hence 9% of the distributed fair launch tokens will go towards funding development and team expansion. This fund has a two year vesting period to ensure that the team is here long term — no pump and dump here.

There is an allocation of 20 million tokens reserved for managing the ecosystem and integrating with other protocol. The ecosystem includes the Initial liquidity for partnerships, Referral Program and iGaming Prize Fund. 7,500,000 of these tokens are used for Initial liquidity for partnerships and Referral Program. 500,000 of these tokens are used for the initial iGaming prize fund. To avoid diluting the token and a price dump, we’ve also implemented a further restriction. No more than 500,000 tokens can be withdrawn each month, with the only exception being if there is prior approval from a community vote.

There is an allocation of 5 million tokens reserved for future strategic expenses. These include listing fees, audits, third-party services, liquidity for partnerships, etc. 400,000 of these tokens are used to seed PancakeSwap’s LUCKY — BUSD pool. To avoid diluting tokens, we’ve also implemented a restriction here. No more than 200,000 tokens can be withdrawn each month, with the only exception being if there is prior approval from a community vote.

Supported Pools:

At launch, we will support:

  • 40x | Deposit Fee 0%

$LUCKY Staking

You can earn more $LUCKY by staking your $LUCKY. You can get $LUCKY by depositing in Yield Farming LP, Revenue Sharing LP or buying from Pancakeswap (Coming Soon!).

  • LUCKY:
  • 8x | Deposit Fee 0%

We may also plan to add more farming pools in the near future.

Useful Addresses

Smart Contract Addresses

Lucky Token: 0xc3D912863152E1Afc935AD0D42d469e7C6B05B77

Masterchef: 0xB6FE67c8a28d50c50f65fDb5847Ee4477c550568

Timelock: 0x4B6c8959a41475347226d51f37eC9a1E09F39a92

Syrup Bar: 0x75c8Ec8884a9FC4D8EAcf2599fDBa08B7D4F653B

Wallet Addresses

Owner: 0xd16C0112c4cF10b394d7CE57fc8198f9D28B7a6d

Warchest: 0x655C92944D76F69c3127611eBF6480E5fd5462B6

Economics: 0x5AA60d363F5dBef5211a4F1dcC1eF3b48Bb1cDf2

Developer: 0x27Fb86Db8B6f0EcDD3c4288f5a14cE357d57264c

Proof of burn

Getting Started

Getting started is easy, by provide liquidity to PancakeSwap LUCKY-BUSD pool to ensure you get maximum yields!

For more details, please visit our documentation page.

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Lucky Lion aims to become the leading decentralized Yield Farming & provably fair iGaming protocol built on BSC giving back 9% through Revenue Sharing.