LatteSwap x Lucky Lion Drip Bar Partnership

Lucky Lion is honored to be the first Drip Bar LatteSwap partner!

LatteSwap users stake $LATTE to earn $LUCKY rewards.

NFT Reward

To Earn: First 50 to register after attending the Lucky Lion x LatteSwap AMA.

NFT will be claimable via Galaxy shortly.

Live Pools:

What is LatteSwap?

LatteSwap is one of the fastest growing Decentralized Exchanges in the crypto space. The LatteSwap platform achieved a total of over $1Bn TVL within just 48 hours of our fair-launch.

LatteSwap is a decentralized exchange with a focus on bridging the DeFi and the NFT space together with its NFT integrated functionalities.

The platform offers three main features to its users: trade, earn, and collect. Users can trade cryptocurrencies with ease, participate in safe and attractive earning opportunities, and collect LatteSwap’s highly exclusive NFTs that possess real tangible utilities.

Benefits of participating in Drip Bar:

The Drip Bar program is LatteSwap’s official token listing program. By participating in the Drip Bar, Lucky Lion and the LUCKY token will receive the following benefits:

  1. Liquidity and natural buying demand of your token from earning opportunities at LatteSwap.
  2. Credibility and exposure to LatteSwap’s fast-growing and highly active community of Baristas.

LatteSwap Drip Bar Details:

Users will be able to stake their $LATTE tokens to earn rewards in the single asset staking pool.

Duration: Two-months

Dates: 12 October — 12 December 2021

AMA Date: 11 October 2021 (LatteSwap Telegram)

User Journey:

  1. Users stake $LATTE in our drip bar to earn rewards as $LUCKY.
  2. Users use the earned $LUCKY to provide liquidity in the LUCKY-XXX pool, as incentivized by the high APR
  3. Users earn additional $LATTE tokens as incentive rewards from providing LP
  4. Users compound their $LATTE earnings back into $LUCKY DripBar single-asset staking pool to earn more rewards as $LUCKY
  5. Repeat step 2

Join Lucky Lion

LUCKY Token: 0xc3D912863152E1Afc935AD0D42d469e7C6B05B77


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