LUCKY LION — 6.6 Tournament (6 Days Special)


Lucky Lion gives you a chance to win our prize by playing any game during the campaign period. The top 10 highest wagers (total bet accumulation) will get a Lucky Token for the prize pool.

Campaign period: 6 June 2022 ( 9:00 UTC) -12 June 2022 (17:00 UTC)

Term and Conditions:
🔹Register in the google form.
🔹Play any game on the Lucky Lion Platform during the campaign period.
🔹Top 10 highest turnover (total bet accumulation) during 6–12 June 2022 will receive a prize from Lucky Lion of 300,000 LUCKY Token
🔹Reward Table:

🔹Username ID or wallet registration is required for this campaign.
🔹Wallet Address BEP20 (MetaMask or Trust Wallet) is required for this campaign.
🔹Eligible when all conditions have complied.
🔹LuckyLion reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.

Any information need, Please contact LuckyLionAgent >>


Deposit step by step guide >>
Deposit Link >>



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