Lucky Lion Update #1

Dear Lucky Lion Pride Members,

We are super excited, and only days away from our fair launch on 18 September 2021 at 12PM UTC.

Our team has been working overtime to bring you the best launch experience, and has spent countless, countless hours going over contracts, product details and studying industry trends to ensure that we offer the highest investment potential we can.

Our community is the key for turning the Lucky Lion dream into reality that benefits the entire pride. As such we wanted to collect your feedback on our changes, that we anticipate will have a stronger market appeal, and result in a higher returns for all.

One major change was already put into action.


  1. We have shifted our fair launch to coincide with the release of our yield farm to ensure greater utility and higher APR potential.


2. We wish to increase the returns potential by reducing our yield farming pools to just two below, which we have calculated will further increase the APR potential, giving more returns to those that stake.

  • 40x | 0% Deposit Fee
  • 8x | 0% Deposit Fee

3. Remove the $LION token in favour of simplifying the tokenomics, keeping $LUCKY as our only token. This increases the value of $LUCKY and gives investors such as yourselves a more powerful revenue sharing pool, where we inject up to 9% of the total iGaming revenue into the LUCKY-BUSD revenue sharing LP, allowing stakers to earn up to 9%. You are no longer forced to play iGaming to earn from the revenue sharing pool.

4. Keeping to our play to earn commitment, regardless of win or loss, each 1,000 $LUCKY turnover, earns you an additional $LUCKY. Furthermore, players can choose to play with either $LUCKY or stablecoins.

We are committed to bringing full transparency, fairness and earning potential to all our members.

Happy hunting!


Lucky Lion Devs



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Lucky Lion Official

Lucky Lion Official

Lucky Lion aims to become the leading decentralized Yield Farming & provably fair iGaming protocol built on BSC giving back 9% through Revenue Sharing.