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Star Guardians: Day Zero(EP1) — Play To Earn FPS Using Crypto

The Prologue: Alien Invasion Play-To-Win First-Person-Shooter.

Games Showcase: Start Guardians 1/5.

An unknown lifeform has been detected on Spaceship Victoria. An emergency distress signal has been set out. The alien invasion has just begun.

Put Your Crypto To Work & Earn

Lucky Lion is a GameFi built on Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to play iGaming with their Cryptocurrencies or invest in our liquidity pools to earn high APR or a share of Lucky Lion’s revenue.

Play with LUCKY tokens or USDT to win.

Grow your tokens on our high APR Yield Farms to earn harvest tokens or stake your tokens in our iGaming revenue sharing pool (only LUCKY accepted). That’s right, up to 9% of the Platform’s revenue is shared allowing users to stake to earn. The more users play, the higher the revenue sharing liquidity pool value.

Next-Gen iGaming Launching Oct-16, 2021

Currently there are over 100 next-gen iGaming titles to choose from, ranging from a First-Person-Shooter (an industry first) to video slots, instant games, table games and classics. Play with your cryptocurrency to win big prizes.

Our games feature provably fair play algorithm allowing players to verify the fairness of each play.

The win-rate or “return-to-player” as it’s known, is between 96%-98%, which is very high compared with other providers.

Lucky Lion is safe and fully licensed and has over four major audits including Certik and a bug bounty with Immunefi.

Getting Started

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Lucky Lion aims to become the leading decentralized Yield Farming & provably fair iGaming protocol built on BSC giving back 9% through Revenue Sharing.